Holmes High School

2014 – 2015


Holmes High School Freshmen Orientation is

8 a.m. to 12:45 p.m., Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Bus transportation will be available.

Please check the Holmes Home page for more information about Freshmen Orientation and to find out about 2014 AP/IB summer assignments.


We sincerely hope that your time here is educational and enjoyable. Please remember that you are responsible for being familiar with and adhering to both the campus rules found in this handout and all provisions of the “Student Code of Conduct”.To ensure a safe, responsible, and respectful environment for all, we have established expectations, rules and procedures.

If you have not yet received a copy of the “Student Code of Conduct”, you may obtain one from the Records Office. Both documents should be shared and discussed with your parents and/or guardians.

HOLMES CAMPUS – 859-655-9545


Mr. Scott Hornblower, Principal, ext. 16210

Mr. Justin Kaiser, Asst. Principal; Freshman Academy, ext. 16215

Mr. Jason Booher, Asst. Principal; Red House (Grades 10-12), ext. 16510

Mr. Ken Dearborn, Asst. Principal; (School Administrative Manager), ext. 16310

Mr. David Hartman, Asst. Principal; White House (Grades 10-12), ext. 16250

Mr. Stan Steidel, Athletic Director, ext. 16260


Dr. Donna Adams, Freshman Academy, ext. 16212

Mrs. Kim Pastura, Red House, 10th/12th grades, ext. 16508

Mr. Jon Hopkins, White House 10th/12th grades, ext. 16225


Mrs. Shelly Duncan, Coordinator, ext. 16520


School Nurse, ext. 16358


Mrs. Amber Lykins, Records Office, ext. 16201

Ms. Yvonne Burkart, Assistant to Mr. Booher, ext. 16509

Ms. Davana Herron, Assistant to Mr. Hornblower, ext. 16209

Mrs. Mary Haney, Assistant to Mr. Hartman, ext. 16252

Mrs. Toni Hartman, Assistant to Mr. Dearborn, ext. 16309

Mrs. Phyllis Jennings, Attendance Office, ext. 16207

Ms. Tina Stevens, Assistant to Mr. Steidel, ext. 16261

Ms. Dona Waechter, Assistant to Mr. Kaiser, ext. 16206



Please refer to the “Student Code of Conduct” for District Policies and Procedures regarding attendance


  • To report your child’s absence for the day, before 9 a.m., call 655-9545 and follow the directions for reporting your child absent.

  • When your child returns to school send a note stating the reason for the absence. You may use the notes provided in the “Student Code of Conduct”.

  • On the day the student returns, the student should go to the Attendance Office (3114) between 7:45-8:05 a.m. to get his or her admit slip.

  • In order to excuse an absence, we must have a note and/or doctor note/medical form.


  • Parents shall write a note and send it with their child to the administrator’s office before 8:10 a.m. on the day the child is to be dismissed early from school. The administrator or a designated staff member must speak with the parent or guardian to confirm an early release.

  • Parents and Guardians should report to the main office in the Senior Building when you want your child dismissed early from school.


  • Students who arrive late to school shall report to Attendance Office (3114) for an Admit to Class slip. After 8:10 a.m., all exterior doors will be locked and students must enter through Main Senior Building Entrance.

  • If a student is tardy to school because of a medical or other appointment, a written note is required. The note must be written by the doctor, and/or another professional providing a service to the student.

  • If a student is tardy to school and does not have a note, or the reason for the tardiness is unacceptable, (such as oversleeping, missed the bus, etc.) the tardiness will be unexcused.

  • Every five (5, 10, 15, etc.) Late To School’s will result in a Wednesday/Friday School.


  • Students who arrive 0-5 minutes late to class will receive a teacher assigned 15 minute detention to be served in Room 3202. Any student who is more than 5 minutes late to class, without a note, will receive a referral for skipping class. Skipping a class results in a Wednesday/Friday Detention.



  • Students shall go to class or an administrator and notify him or her of your illness.

  • Students must have a note from a teacher or administrator to see the nurse.


  • Transportation is provided to and from the campus by the Transit Authority of Northern Kentucky (TANK). Free transportation shall be provided to all high school students that reside one mile or more from the Holmes campus. High School students that are eligible for free transportation shall have the word “TANK imprinted on their student identification badge.

  • Students shall be provided a schedule of School Special Routesprovided by TANK. These buses are made available as a public service by TANK and are available to all Holmes High School students. All Holmes High School students may ride any TANK bus except School Special Route buses for the reduced fare of $1.00 between the hours of 6:00 a.m. and 6:30 p.m. by displaying their student identification badge to the driver.

  • Morning School Specialswill not operate when school is on a delayed schedule.At the discretion of TANK, these routes may be canceled at any time.


  • All vehicles parked on campus must display a Holmes parking tag from the rear view mirror.

  • Parking tags are available, free of charge, in Mr. Dearborn’s office.

  • You need to provide your name, vehicle type and license plate number.


  • Students will be assigned a locker by their 1stperiod teacher.

  • A lock that has been provided by the school will secure each locker. Since the lock remains the property of the school, the lock must be returned at the end of the school year.

  • Students are not allowed to share lockers.

  • Each student shall be responsible for any/all contents of the locker.

  • Lockers are the property of Holmes High School and are subject to search at anytime.


  • Periodically the school will have emergency lockdown drills. During this time all students are to be in the classroom.

  • These drills are designed to simulate an “intruder in the building” or other emergency situation.

  • During these drills, police personnel and dogs may be brought into the school to search lockers and cars parked on school property for drugs, weapons, or explosives.


  • Students who attend all school activities including games and dances, either on or off campus, shall be subject to the rules and regulations of the Student Code of Conduct.


  • 15 minute detentions are assigned by their respective teacher/administrator.

  • Detention must be served the day it is assigned or the following day.

  • Detention begins at 3:10p.m. in room 3202. Students will be dismissed at 3:25 p.m.

  • Students that fail to serve their detention will be assigned a Wednesday/Friday School Detention.


  • ISS is assigned for a variety of offenses and lengths of time.

  • While in ISS students must complete work assigned by the ISS Instructor. Students will remain in ISS until the required work is completed and all time is served.


  • Students may be assigned to Wednesday/Friday Evening Detention for a variety of first time offenses.

  • Students assigned to Wednesday/Friday Evening Detention shall report to the Cafeteria by 3:10p.m. and will be dismissed by 5:00p.m.

  • If students are unable to serve their Wednesday/Friday Evening Detention, they must notify their administrator prior to lunch, on that Wednesday/Friday of the date they are to serve.

  • Transportation will not be provided.


  • Alternative to Suspension is assigned for many first time offenses or repeated offenses.

  • Students assigned to this will report to school to board the CATS bus. Students will be transported to the Alternative to Suspension site by school transportation unless prior arrangements have been made between the parent and the administrator.

  • Work from the student’s classes will be sent to Alternative to Suspension and the student is able to complete all assignments from the teacher.

  • Assignment to Alternative to Suspension does not count as an Out of School Suspension or an absence from school.

  • Failure to attend Alternative to Suspension is counted as an unexcused absence from school. Students may not return to the Holmes campus until all time has been served.


  • Out of School Suspension is used as a first time consequence for law violations or abuse of a staff member. It is also used for repeated offenses of some consequences.


  • Academic extra help sessions will be available in the Online Learning Lab (2202) before school and after school.



In order to maintain an environment that provides for the care, welfare, safety, and security of all members of the school community, and to reduce distractions in the classroom, students will be required to follow certain guidelines for clothing. Certain items will be prohibited because of safety concerns or because they distract from the educational process. The administration reserves the right to determine whether or not a garment is appropriate for school.





· Must cover at least three inches from the neck to the shoulders.

· The stomach, back, and cleavage must be appropriately covered.  Shirts and upper body garments must come to the waist. 

· Shirts/blouses that are considered provocative or a distraction are also in violation of the dress code expectations.

· Must be free of logos that include profanity, crudity, sexual references, gang symbols, or references to drugs or alcohol



· Must be worn at the waist and must cover anything worn underneath.

· Must be free of accessories, such as chains, that have the potential to cause bodily harm.

· Skirts and shorts must come to the top of the knee.

· Hooded sweatshirts are permitted, but the hood must be down at all times.


Prohibited Items

· Hats, Tams, doo-rags, beanies/winter sock hats or other full head coverings are not to be worn in the building.  If a student is found to be in violation, the head covering may be confiscated and returned to the student at the end of the week. 

· Face/Body painting that is, considered by administration, a distraction to the educational process.  Exceptions to this may be made by administration to support a spirit day or school sanctioned event.


Administration has final judgment on whether an item or clothing is appropriate or inappropriate for the school setting.


For the care, welfare, safety and security of all students, we ask that students adhere to and staff members enforce the following expectations:

  • Students must have an ID on their person and must identify themselves to staff members when requested.

  • Cell phones and electronic devices may be confiscated due to inappropriate use.

  • Items confiscated will be sent to Central Office and a parent/guardian must contact Central Office to schedule an appointment to have the item returned.

  • Follow the guidelines outlined in the Student Code of Conduct.

  • Follow all Dress Code policies during the school day.

Schoolwide expectations are reviewed daily during the morning announcements. Any student not in compliance with the Schoolwide Expectations will be asked to comply immediately. If the student cannot or will not comply, the student will be sent to his or her administrator.

r. Booher