The Community Learning Center

at John G. Carlisle Elementary School

Cubs Zone

The Community Learning Center is proud to offer FREE after-school academic enrichment to students in grades K through five. Offerings include academic tutoring, homework help, Book Cafe, BLOCK, arts classes, and Fitness Rocks classes.

   The Community Learning Center programming is designed to support school-day learning! Regular experiences in performance  and family events are also a part of the fun.

All classes meet at John G. Carlisle Elementary School. Daily snacks are provided and a late bus is provided for students who are regular bus riders.


For more information about the Community Learning Center, please contact the Program Coordinator

Jennifer Kessel 859-816-6447

For more information about 21st Century Community Learning Centers,

please visit


What art offers is a space - a certain breathing room for the spirit. ~ John Updike

All art requires courage. ~ Anne Tucker

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