Your Success Now

Set Goals!


Success is not a gift, but a choice. Whether you are a student in elementary school or a Senior in high school, it takes determination, dedication, attitude, and discipline to become successful.

Successful students are not just goal setters, but goal getters. Setting goals in school gives you a reason for learning.  Achieving those goals gives you the confidence to go beyond and fulfill your potential. Start setting goals today for your future tomorrow.


    SchoolCenter Picture Study Tips

    • Pick a place to designate as your homework area
    • Set a time each night to complete homework
    • Remove distractions - TV, phones, electronic games, etc.
    • Ensure all needed supplies are available in your homework area
    • Study 2-3 different subjects regularly everyday, even if there's no test or homework
    • Review what's been taught in class, on the very same day
    • Take breaks
    • Eat a balanced diet and exercise regularly everyday
    • Sleep at least 8 hours a day
    • Avoid staying up till late at night when you're having tests
    • Ask your parents to review your completed assignments or quiz you before a test

    SchoolCenter PictureTest Taking Strategies

    Before the Test

    • Get plenty of rest
    • Eat healthy meals
    • Study

    Test Time

    • Read directions carefully
    • Complete the questions that you know for sure
    • Eliminate wrong answers on multiple choice questions
    • Make sure the question number and number on answer sheet match
    • Pace yourself and don't spend too much time on questions you don't know
    • Check answers at the end if time permits
    • Have extra pencils and erasers handy
    • Wear comfortable clothes
    • Think positively and breath deeply